Scouting Pacakge Options


The Basics

A basic overview of the unit with general recommendations of areas depending on your season drawn. This could include pins for water, game trails, rubs, scat, animals seen, glassing points, access points, etc. We can discuss any major points of interest for you. We will also discuss road conditions, potential camping areas or nearest lodging. Starting around $699.


The Serious Hunter

This will include everything found above. Additionally any major points of interest for you can be discussed. This package can include me getting boots on the ground finding game trails, water holes, glassing sessions for game to help us get an inventory of what game we can expect in the area and the developments found with that. It will include a pre-determined amount of glassing sessions/boots on the ground. Starting around $999.


All or Nothing

We don't play around – that means you have decided to put in the vacation for an extended trip, prepared your body for rigorous days in the mountains, and upgraded your equipment to ensure success. Which includes our scouting services. This package is the one you want if you need boots on the ground from the time you draw your tag to the days before your hunt. We will put in the time to finds game that is worth it all to pursue. Glassing sessions, digiscoping, mapping and more. This is the game plan that will give you A, B, C, D, and E options. Starting around $1699.

NOTE: All prices are variable. Dependent on unit location, days in field, and services discussed. We will discuss it all via email or phone. Full payment due upon agreement of plan.


If you're interested in hearing more about how our services work and what is included please send us a message here.